Recipe Manager

Recipe Management app for Linux written in Vala/GTK+3.0, supports localisation and smart unit conversions.

2017-03-14 23:07

What is it?

This is a recipe manager application for Linux, written in Gtk+ and Vala.

But why?

I love cooking. Sometimes you find a very good recipe, and you want to store it – this is what this application is for. It’s simple and easy to use, but at the sime time has all the functionality you need.

Unit conversion

Aren’t you annoyed when you find a nice recipe and it has weird units in it? The built in unit conversion functionality will convert the units to the measuring system you’re familiar with, and it will do it intelligently. Because if you learn that ¼ pint in the US is equal to 118 ml it doesn’t really help that much, does it? However if I say it’s approximately ½ cup it probably makes more sense.


Recipe Manager allows for recipe localisation. Currently the UI is only in English, however the units and printouts can be localised. Currently the app can read customary units in supported locales: en_GB, en_US and pl_PL, however it’s easy to add new locales in recipe-manager-conf.json. If you extend it, please let me know!

Other stuff


An example recipe opened in Recipe Manager Recipes stored in the library folder are accessible from the popup Recipe Manager supports intelligent unit conversions Print preview window for a recipe